Idea Center

Mission Passport Idea Center augments the mission of Hope Channel by assisting creators and ministries in proposing content for the network.  The survey seeks to identify the core idea of your proposal and measure its alignment with the network’s principal values.

Hope Channel evaluates proposals based on the network's content criteria and current needs. If your proposal is approved for further consideration, you will be directed to "Mission Passport," a more detailed survey for further evaluation. If your proposal is not approved to advance to Mission Passport, you will be informed of the reasons and provided with suggestions to better align it with Hope Channel's programming criteria and needs. Please note that advancement beyond the Idea Center does not guarantee approval, only that your proposal is being considered further.

Hope Channel's Target Audience


The Adventist church divides its evangelistic reach into five categories labeled "A" through "E." The innermost rings of “A-C” are generally local church functions, while the outer rings of “D-E” target those outside the church. Hope Channel’s mission is to engage the “D-E” audience and create an interest in the Adventist Church (ring C). Your proposal will be evaluated on its ability to do this.

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