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Wake Up with Hope, September 21, 2023

This morning on Wake Up with Hope, we have Health News with Dr. Nerida McKibben from Go Healthy for Good, and Faith for Today will share with us a devotional thought, plus, we have music by Resonance. Come along with us! Follow us on YouTube: https://hubs.la/Q01W2Y0S0 Follow us on Facebook as well: https://www.facebook.com/wakeupwithhope #wakeupwithhope #goodmorning #healthtips #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #hopechannel #sdachurch

13 Holiness

What does biblical holiness look like in everyday life, and why is it so important to make holy choices even when we're alone?

Lesson 13: Waging Peace

Hope Sabbath School

Lesson 13: Waging Peace

Imagine if every believer put on the full armor of God! What would that look like individually and as a church?

Episode for September 6, 2023

Did Jesus fall in love? Explain "honor thy mother and father". When did Satan tempt Jesus with Psalm 91? Did God create the earth in 6 or 6000 days? Did God curse Pharaoh for Abraham's lie?