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Wake Up with Hope, July 12, 2024

This new Reflections of Hope episode takes us to the land of civilizations where we penetrate the Pyramids of Egypt! These engineering marvels are by far the oldest standing structures on earth! 4,500 years after their completion, they still stand and have endured the test of time! But did you know that this monumental building project almost ended in complete disaster and failure? Join Wake Up with Hope today and discover what really happened in the end with these massive monuments. Join us!

A Day in the Ministry of Jesus

Mark jumps right into the active ministry of Jesus. We will explore the lessons Mark has packed into this first chapter.

02 Lost but Found

Powerful lessons from a sheep, a coin, and two sons.

How Can I Reclaim My Health?

Is there a secret to longevity and vitality? Body builder Gio Marin and emergency and lifestyle medicine physician Dr. Jason Shives share their personal stories of transformation and the latest research surrounding a plant-based diet.