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Wake Up with Hope, September 26, 2023

This morning on Wake Up with Hope, Jesus 101 will be with us to share a morning devotional. We will have a dedicated prayer session with the Let’s Pray team, and the Good Food Kitchen is back with another delightful recipe. You won’t want to miss a thing!

14 The Law


14 The Law

What role do the Old Testament laws play in our lives today?

Lesson 14: Ephesians in the Heart

How do we move past knowing about grace to experiencing it personally? How can a new life in Christ unite us as a church?

Episode for September 6, 2023

Did Jesus fall in love? Explain "honor thy mother and father". When did Satan tempt Jesus with Psalm 91? Did God create the earth in 6 or 6000 days? Did God curse Pharaoh for Abraham's lie?