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11 The Gospel in Action

How involved in current social movements should we as Adventists be? (And what does that have to do with the early church leaders?)

Wake Up with Hope, December 11, 2023

Today on Wake Up with Hope, Gia Olive and Moses show us how to make Lentil Sloppy Joes! A meatless recipe you will love preparing for your kids! Dr. Nerida McKibben is back to give us some health tips and we have an encouraging message from our friends from Voice of Prophecy. Follow us on YouTube: https://hubs.la/Q01W2Y0S0 Follow us on Facebook as well: https://www.facebook.com/wakeupwithhope #wakeupwithhope #goodmorning #yummy #vegetarian #veggie #healthyfood #hopechannel #healthylifestyle

READY FOR UNITY,  Part 2 [Episode 25]

Don't just wait—prepare for Jesus's Second Coming. Through music and scripture, learn to carry the Word of God in both your heart and mind.

Lesson 11: Mission to the Unreached: Part 2

Are there people who remain unreached because of the prejudice of believers? In part two of this lesson, we see how Jesus opens the eyes of His followers to see groups that are neglected.