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Wake Up with Hope, April 19, 2024

It’s easy to have an emotional response to the circumstances around us. That is natural. The difficulty lies in bringing balance to our emotions so they don’t consume us. Join us today on Wake Up with Hope as The Incredible Journey presents an interesting topic called Weathering Your Emotional Storms! Follow us on YouTube: Follow us on Facebook as well: #wakeupwithhope #goodmorning #adventuretime #adventuretravel #hope

Building Relationship Resilience

Today on Real Family Talk, Dr. Heather Thompson Day explores the vital role of relationship resilience. From marriages to friendships, resilience involves communication, trust, and mutual support. Join us for insights on navigating challenges, strengthening bonds, and fostering lasting connections. Tune in for an enriching discussion that inspires hope and strengthens families.

Episode for April 14, 2024

"Is listening to certain music a sin? Were all apostles martyrs? My wife died, am I still married? Will the Spirit leave us before Jesus comes? At judgment do I answer for sins I've already confessed? "

Lesson 3: Light Shines in the Darkness

How does the Word of God set us free from Satan’s deceptions? In this lesson we will dig into how to discern God's truth from Satan's lies. This study will discuss practical steps in separating the "sheep" from the "wolves". When facing the darkness of persecution and false doctrines, what light will guide us?