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Pioneer Memorial Church

Born for Battle-The Saga of a Peace-Loving People


Global Affairs Today

Violence and Its Victims

3:00 PM


The Odysseus Factor

3:30 PM

Loma Linda University Church at Worship

To Give Is to Live

4:00 PM

Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor

The Glorious Kingdom

5:00 PM

Bible Helpdesk

March 22, 2023

5:30 PM


Jesus Wins - Satan Loses

6:00 PM

Spencerville Church

What We Really Need

6:30 PM

Thunder in the Holy Land

Who Moved The Mark

7:00 PM

The Incredible Journey

The Secret of Nuremberg

7:30 PM

Hope Sabbath School

Lesson 1: Jesus Wins-Satan Loses

8:00 PM