A Day of Hope Returns

A Day of Hope Returns

Silver Spring, MarylandMar 3, 2021, 6:41 PM

The first ever A Day of Hope program aired on the evening of Tuesday December 15, 2020. The program consisted of musical performances, mini sermons, updates on Hope Channel's accomplishments this year and changed lives stories. Live calls were taken from donors on-air to provide encouragement for others to support the Hope Channel ministry.

This year, A Day of Hope is back and set to broadcast live on March 10, 2021 from 6 PM - 11 PM ET, with the theme of Restoration.

During the program's initial premiere in December 2020, history was made during A Day of Hope as it was the first live fundraising event ever conducted during a pandemic by Hope Channel International. A goal was set to raise $300,000 that evening, and by the end of the night the goal was surpassed with a total of more than $333,000 in donations from supporters.

Ronnie Mills, fundraising director for Hope Channel International, Inc., said, "We are thankful to God for His magnificent benevolence upon our first A Day of Hope program. The total financial support of pledges and donations totaling over $333,000 allows Hope Channel, with God's help, to continue to make a positive impact in the lives of people."

Derek Morris, president of Hope Channel International, Inc., shared, “A Day of Hope is a fast-paced special event, filled with exciting updates, thrilling changed-life stories and beautiful music. During A Day of Hope we share with you, our partners in mission, how your gifts in the past year have been used by God to impact lives around the world. We all love the changed-life stories. Jesus is a miracle-working Savior, and it’s always a blessing to hear from viewers whose lives have been transformed. It is a great time for you as a loyal Hope Channel viewer to learn how you can partner with us in this great evangelistic media ministry.”

The team of Hope Channel has been blessed by the outcome of Day of Hope and share their appreciation to everyone who joined to watch and donated.

We invite you to tune in on March 10, 2021 at 6 PM - 11 PM ET for the next A Day of Hope program. Watch on DirecTV Channel 368, Roku, Facebook, YouTube, and the Hope Channel website.

For more information, please visit HopeTV.org/DayofHope.