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Corporate Name Change

Corporate Name Change

Hope Channel InternationalSilver Spring, MDMay 28, 2019, 8:16 PM

Hope Channel, Inc. recently announced that their corporate name has been changed to Hope Channel International, Inc. The name change that now includes “international” was a decision voted and approved during the 2018 General Conference Annual Council. The purpose for the change is to capture and communicate the global evangelistic ministry and network coordination role performed by the Hope Channel entity based out of Silver Spring, Maryland.

“Our name change to Hope Channel International, Inc. represents the global scope of our ministry and unique function as the coordinating office for the Hope Channel affiliates around the world. As of today, the Hope Channel network has 54 affiliates broadcasting in 60 languages, and by God’s blessing, we continue to grow,” shared Hope Channel International President, Derek Morris. “While our name is changing, the organizational structure of the Hope Channel network is not.”

As part of the network coordinating role performed by Hope Channel International, Inc., the US-based office is responsible for various functions, including but not limited to: licensing affiliate channels that join the Hope Channel network, maintaining logo and branding consistency throughout the network, hosting annual leadership conferences to address network matters, and providing technical support resources for studio development.

In addition to being the coordinating entity of the global television network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Hope Channel International, Inc. is also responsible for the operation of the North American channels, including the production and acquisition of programs for Hope Channel’s North American audience.

To learn more about Hope Channel International’s media ministry and programming in North America, visit us online www.hopetv.org