Hope Channel Presents: 3 AM: Morning is Coming

Hope Channel Presents: 3 AM: Morning is Coming

Silver Spring, MarylandNov 3, 2021, 10:27 AM

3 AM: Morning is Coming premieres on Hope Channel on November 13, 2021, at 12 PM ET. This series will premiere every day for eight days, at 12 PM ET on YouTube. Viewers can find each new video at HopeTV.org/3AM.

3 AM: Morning is Coming is about encouraging young people to develop a wholistic worldview on the past, current, and future as presented in the Bible to be free of fears, uncertainty, and loneliness.

"In my opinion, this project is of utmost importance to everyone as it focuses on what the Bible says about the climax to the battle between God and Satan. I really like the fact that the target audience is young people simply because they are a group that is often overlooked and ignored. I hope and pray that as they watch and engage with the content that many lives will be changed, many lives will be transformed and ultimately individuals will have a closer relationship with God that will lead to eternal life," shares Everett Wiles, producer of 3 AM: Morning is Coming.

Justin Woods, director of digital distribution shares, “I pray that our viewers will gain a new and deeper understanding of the Three Angels' Messages, and the lovely character of He who sent them. Let us join with Christ in proclaiming this message to the world. At this time in Earth’s history, when it seems that darkness and doom are pressing in from every side, the Three Angels’ Messages call us to remember that He is Lord, and in the end, He will win.”

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