Launch of "The Hopeful" Book Expands the Impact of the Inspirational Film

Launch of "The Hopeful" Book Expands the Impact of the Inspirational Film

Jun 20, 2024, 3:38 PM

Silver Spring, Maryland (June 20, 2024) – Hope Channel International is thrilled to announce the release of "The Hopeful: Hope is on the Way" book, a compelling companion to the acclaimed film "The Hopeful," which was released in more than 900 theaters across the country in April 2024. 

This new publication dives deeper into the lives of the pioneers featured in the film, offering readers an enriched understanding of their courage and the movement they ignited, which today numbers in the millions.

Readers will journey through the experiences of key historical figures in early church history, including William Miller, Joshua Himes, Joseph Bates, and James and Ellen White. These stories highlight their unwavering faith and perseverance, painting a vivid picture of their contributions to the Adventist movement.

Kevin Christenson, Director of Hope Studios and Executive Producer of “The Hopeful” film, shares, "As audiences only get 90 minutes with these characters on the big screen, this book allows those who saw the film to better know these influential figures that came to shape history and many of the modern healthcare institutions, universities, food companies, disaster relief agencies, and other organizations the world interacts with today.” 

Kyle Portbury, Emmy award-winning director and executive producer of “The Hopeful” film, adds, “Whether you're a devoted fan of “The Hopeful” movie or new to this inspiring universe, prepare to be spellbound by the extraordinary characters and narratives that will touch your heart and reignite your spirit.”

"The Hopeful: Hope is on the Way" book is now available for purchase in both digital and paperback formats through Amazon and Google. For more information and to order your copy, visit the Review & Herald page.

This historical narrative book is one of the many ways audiences can engage in “The Hopeful” universe. Other resources include the original score and hit songs on streaming platforms, “Steps to Christ: The Hopeful Edition” devotional book, an interactive Bible study, and of course, the film itself

Hope Channel International is thrilled about the success of this film across the country, and looks forward to being able to produce more impactful content that will resonate with various audiences.

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