Let’s Pray Returns to the Studio for a New Year Premiere

Let’s Pray Returns to the Studio for a New Year Premiere

Dec 20, 2023, 3:21 PM

One of Hope Channel’s longest running shows, Let’s Pray, is returning January 1 for its twelfth season. Let’s Pray is a global, interactive community of prayer where viewers don’t have to pray alone, and this new season will bring fresh faces and inspirational perspectives. 

Known for its deep connection with viewers worldwide, Let’s Pray is set to offer a more interactive and personal experience, inviting viewers to engage directly with the show during their moments of crisis and joy, resulting in real miracles.

One such story is that of a baby born with an injured arm. Her parents prayed on Let’s Pray with the host of the show, and the very next day, the infant’s arm was healed. Not only was a child’s life changed, but her parents’ faith was powerfully strengthened through this global prayer ministry.

Let’s Pray is hosted by Season Cromwell, a working mom, who is passionate about guiding people on their journey of prayer. 

“I love prayer,” said Cromwell. “It is everything to me, whether it’s trying to solve the world’s problems or having a clear enough mind to cook three things at once.”

Season Cromwell, host of Let's Pray
Season Cromwell, host of Let's Pray

In some episodes, viewers call in to share their burdens and challenges and have Season pray with them. New in the twelfth season will be special guests who share their testimonies, prayer journeys, and recommendations and tips for how viewers can improve their own prayer lives and can then support their friends and family through prayer as well.

“Our goal with Let’s Pray this year is to help people realize how personal and involved God is,” said Philip Riley, producer of Let’s Pray. “When viewers participate in Let’s Pray, they are going to have their own personal journey strengthened through our guests’ stories and through the prayer we share with each other.”

Further, after the pandemic restricted filming to the hosts’ homes, Let’s Pray is finally returning to the Hope Channel studio in 2024 – and with a new set. This change in format will allow for a higher quality experience for viewers. The new set will reflect Season’s personal prayer space – a warm, comfortable space where viewers are invited to relax and join her in prayer.

Let’s Pray is a place people can come for prayer, but it’s really about creating a community. Viewers are encouraged to participate in the online prayer room and join the Facebook community of people who pray for each other. People can also pray over the phone with someone by calling 877-753-8777.

“It will be a time of prayer and a time of learning, but also a time of community and bonding,” said Riley. “It is more than a TV show. It is a global community of believers that are there to support each other in prayer. The Let’s Pray ministry is reaching the world.”

“Galatians 6:2 tells us to carry each other’s burdens, and in doing so we fulfill the law of Christ,” said Cromwell. “At Let’s Pray, we help carry each other’s burdens, and there is no expectation to pull your life together in one night of prayer. We are here night after night.”

You can watch new episodes of Let’s Pray Monday through Thursday at 8:00 PM ET on Hope Channel television, Facebook, or Hope Channel’s website. And join our Instagram community for daily encouragement.

Filming on set in Hope Channel's studio
Filming on set in Hope Channel's studio

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