New Hope Channel Website Launched

New Hope Channel Website Launched

Silver Spring, MDOct 12, 2022, 10:22 PM

 Hope Channel today launched a new website with an updated look and additional features for a better user experience. 

“I am delighted that we can finally share the new with the world,” stated the Director of Digital Distribution, Justin Woods. 

“After nearly four years of planning and development, the new website will propel Hope Channel North America into the postmodern era. This version features world-leading technology under the hood that makes a great experience for our users, and can greatly enhance efficiency for our staff,” he added. A new feature on the homepage is the separation of episodes and shows into various categories, including themes, chronology, personalized interests, and age groups. Now, viewers can easily find and watch episodes based on their specific needs. This, along with the upgraded interface, serves to create a seamless experience for users to continue enjoying Hope Channel programming.

About Hope Channel 

Hope Channel offers programs on Christian living with a holistic focus on faith, health, relationships, and community. Hope Channel began broadcasting in North America in 2003. Today, Hope Channel is a global network with 79 channels, broadcasting in over 100 languages.

For additional information, contact:

Marketing Department, Hope Channel International 

(301)-680-6689 or [email protected]