Five Good Reasons to Be Nervous About the United States

Does the United States really appear in Bible prophecy? Learn to decode the books of Daniel and Revelation and decide for yourself. Watch now!

This episode of Five Good Reason will bring cognition of the times we live in. On the previous episode we saw Daniel foretelling the future, under the inspiration of God and the Holy Spirit. He presented with mathematical precision, events that history corroborates, such as the rise of the Babylonian empire, followed by Medes and Persia, then Greece, Rome and finally, the current times. We learned that in Bible prophecy, beasts represent kingdoms or nations. Each beast in Daniel represented the kingdoms mentioned above. Is not surprising then, that in Revelation, the other major prophetic book in the Bible, we find that another beast emerges, and the amazing thing is that this beast represents a modern kingdom. The title of the episode will it away, Five Good Reasons to Be Nervous About the United States. We are sure, you will not want to miss this captivating study.