inVerse approaches Bible study with warm humor, practical intelligence, simple application, and authentic conversation.



14 The Law

What role do the Old Testament laws play in our lives today?

13 Holiness

What does biblical holiness look like in everyday life, and why is it so important to make holy choices even when we're alone?

12 Purity

Looking at the whole biblical context for one of society's most sensitive topics.

11 Judgment

Exploring the vast implications of the earthly sanctuary representing the heavenly sanctuary, looking especially at the prophetic Day of Atonement.

10 Health

The Day of Atonement reveals God's ultimate plan for dealing with sin—a plan of both salvation and justice.

09 Worship

Why are the Levitical food laws so important to our spiritual lives, and how does what we eat connect to and affect holiness?

08 Ministry

Exploring the worship in Leviticus and how it reveals some things that modern services and believers often lack.

07 Restitution

The process of consecrating the Levitical priests has major implications for us as the priesthood of 1 Peter 2.

06 Atonement

The trespass offering teaches us that when we sin, we need to make things right with the people we hurt before we can seek to make things right with God.

05 Forgiveness

The sin offering reminds us that when we sin, it's primarily against God, even when it's unintentional or involves other people.

04 Fellowship

The fellowship offering reveals God's desire to restore broken relationships, both vertically and horizontally.

03 Care

The grain offering emphasized giving thanks to the religious leaders for their ministry and to God for His gifts.

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inVerse approaches Bible study with warm humor, practical intelligence, simple application, and authentic conversation.

Studying a particular topic every 13 weeks (see study guides in the Link section), host Justin Kim and his team discuss, for less than half an hour, what the Bible has to say. These are real-life discussions with profound insights about life principles. Regardless of your background, join this diverse group of friends as they study the Word of God.

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