Love Me

Discover the different attributes of God's character of love, and how these attributes connect to doctrinal teachings, through song, scripture, and study.

Love Me



God's waiting for your "yes" to serve Him and be baptized. Feel His patience and longing through soul-stirring music and timeless scripture stories.

IF YOU LOVE ME Part 2 [Episode 27]

Tomorrow's not promised, remember to move forward in faith. Listen to soul-stirring music and make the faith-filled decision to be baptized today.

IF YOU LOVE ME Part 1 [Episode 26]

Pondering baptism? Tune into music and teachings that illuminate why it's your public statement of faith and the link between you and God.

READY FOR UNITY,  Part 2 [Episode 25]

Don't just wait—prepare for Jesus's Second Coming. Through music and scripture, learn to carry the Word of God in both your heart and mind.

READY FOR UNITY, Part 1 [Episode 24]

Through worship, song, and testimony, explore the understanding of the Trinity and the importance of unity in the family of Christ.

BELIEVE GOD'S PROPHETS Part 2 [Episode 23]

Who is Ellen White and what are the tests of a prophet? This video explores these topics through God-guided testimony and powerful worshipful songs.

BELIEVE GOD'S PROPHETS Part 1 [Episode 22]

Uncover the mystery of the gift of prophecy and the difference between good and bad covetousness through worshiping music and encouraging testimony.

AFTER YOUR LAST BREATH Part 2 [Episode 21]

Listen to powerful testimony and moving music as the topic of death and what comes after is explained using scripture.

AFTER YOUR LAST BREATH Part 1 [Episode 20]

Unveil the mysteries of life, death, and divine truth. Listen to powerful stories and worshipful music and learn why Jesus says, "I am the Way."

I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS Part 3 [Episode 19]

Discover the goodness of prophets and the relevance of Bible prophecies for your future. From miracles to judgment, learn why there's no middle ground in choosing to serve God or the devil.

I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS Part 2 [Episode 18]

Explore a preview of the final conflict, exploring why God's laws are safeguards for our well-being, and uncover the parallels that exist between Bible stories and the last days, forcing us to ponder: Who will you worship?

About the Show

Join hosts Logan and Lonnie Melashenko in this series Love Me. Each episode will take you through a one-hour Bible study in song. Listen to stories and scripture as our hosts explore the different attributes of God's character of love, and how these attributes connect to doctrinal teachings.

Logan Parchamento

Logan Parchamento

Lonnie Melashenko

Lonnie Melashenko