Cold hard facts cannot answer life’s most important questions. Today a new generation has rediscovered the power of stories.



Paul and Barnabas Disagree- Episode 13

The dream team splits up over an intern.

Elisha and the Bears- Episode 12

Find out what happens when a group of youth lose their respect for God and His messenger!

Dorcas: A Life Filled with Acts of Kindness- Episode 11

She quietly lived a life of faith off of the radar until her death thrust her into it.

Rahab: A life-changing decision- Episode 10

Meet a woman who made a split-second decision that would competely change not only her life, but affect her family for generations to come.

Elijah: From the Mountain to the Valley- Episode 9

Even a prophet of God can struggle with depression.

Ananias and Sapphira: One Huge Lie - Episode 8

It was just a lie about property, but God meant business.

Nehemiah: Building From Rubble - Episode 7

Nehemiah was determined to work for God, and the results were extraordinary.

Nathan: Addressing A King - Episode 6

David was living with quite a secret, and God had something to say about that.

Elijah and the Small Voice - Episode 5

When God spoke to Elijah, it wasn't as much about what He said, but how He said it.

Esther: More Than a Pretty Face - Episode 4

She went where no woman ever dared...and she ended up saving a nation.

The Valley of Dry Bones - Episode 3

Can you find vitality in a bottle or cream? The secret can actually be found in a valley of dry bones.

Daniel and the Lion's Den - Episode 2

Daniel was up against the king of the jungle, but more importantly it was a showdown between God and man.

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About the Show

Cold hard facts cannot answer life’s most important questions. Today a new generation has rediscovered the power of stories.

The Bible is contemporary because it is full of stories – not larger than life legends, but historical and personal stories.

Buried treasure does no one any good. In storyLine host Chantal Klingbeil unlocks the valuable lessons in the biblical stories and brings them to life in our own circumstances.

Each week we step into the world of another Bible character battling with real-life problems and watch their interaction with the living God who offers answers to real-life problems.

Be inspired and challenged by their lives.


Chantal Klingbeil

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