New late-night talk show Hope@Night demonstrates that God is real and relevant

New late-night talk show Hope@Night demonstrates that God is real and relevant

Aug 15, 2023, 7:00 PM

Silver Spring, Maryland (August 15, 2023) - Hope Channel is excited to announce a new show, Hope@Night, set to air this fall. 

It will bring a fresh take to the popular late-night talk show format by sharing life-changing stories from guests and challenging viewers with thought-provoking questions, calls to action, and discussion about serious life topics. 

The first of its kind for Hope Channel, Hope@Night will feature a live studio audience. Hosted by popular speaker and author Anil Kanda, this series promises to keep you on your toes, warm your heart, and blow your mind.

Coming from Orange County, California, Anil brings a wealth of experience working with youth and young adults. His understanding of issues across demographics has allowed for a show that will resonate with viewers of all ages. 

“I was once a confused young adult looking for answers,” Anil said. “I believe the Gospel can help provide solutions for the heart and mind, and that is exactly what viewers can expect from this unconventional show.”

Hope@Night host Anil Kanda on the set of the new late-night talk show.
Hope@Night host Anil Kanda on the set of the new late-night talk show.

“Hope@Night is a quantum leap forward for Hope Channel,” said President Derek Morris. “It is the first show of its kind with a live audience and we are confident God will use this program to transform lives.”

Each episode features individuals who share their personal experiences. The story-centered interviews will reveal that God can provide answers to life’s greatest challenges and, moreover, is actively seeking a relationship with all of His children, including those who watch and follow Hope Channel’s programs. 

After the interviews, to enhance the dialogue, the audience will have the opportunity to pose their own questions to the guests.

Hope@Night’s producer, Hannah Luttrell, is excited about the many guests who are slated to appear on the show. 

“We expect to have testimonies from a range of personalities — from former Satan worshippers and drug addicts to sportsmen and highly trained professionals, including scientists, therapists and doctors, among others,” Hannah said. 

“Every guest’s story points to the narrative that God is real, loving, and relevant to our lives today.”

As production begins, Hope Channel prayerfully anticipates that God will transform lives through Hope@Night. Please join us in praying that each story touches many hearts with God’s love.

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