A late night show that seeks to answer questions about God and life through interviews with real people who have incredible life stories to share.

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How Can I Reclaim My Health?

Is there a secret to longevity and vitality? Body builder Gio Marin and emergency and lifestyle medicine physician Dr. Jason Shives share their personal stories of transformation and the latest research surrounding a plant-based diet.

How Can I Experience True Intimacy?

Why do so many of our attempts to get love and sex leave us empty and unfulfilled? Former model and highly paid escort Caleigh Weichbrodt, and licensed marriage and family therapist Dr. Tom Luttrell, give us their take on God's plan for true intimacy.

How Do I Get Rid of Guilt and Shame?

Does religion fuel feelings of guilt and shame--or free us from them? Elise Harboldt shares her experience into and out of anorexia and bulimia, and former atheist Nathan Renner shares his journey to freedom from shame and guilt.

Is the Sabbath Still Relevant Today?

Did God set aside every 7th day for rest? Nature documentary-makers Larren and Alex Cole, and former army solider Pastor Vincent Dehm, point to evidences from the Bible and animal kingdom regarding weekly rest cycles.

What's the Point of Prayer?

How can we diminish stresses and problems in life? Popular prayer author and speaker Pavel Goia gives us insights from what he has learned and experienced.

Do Angels Exist?

Are angels real? Are they departed loved ones come back to help us? John Boston shares his miraculous rescue from a burning car and debunks common angel myths, revealing what the Bible says about angels--the good, the bad, and the most evil of all.

Does Science Prove Evolution?

Don't most intellectual and rational people believe that we evolved from lesser life forms? Scientist Dr. Timothy Standish shares whether the Biblical creation account can undergo scientific scrutiny and stand up against the claims of trained evolutionary biologists.

Does God Know the Future?

What could be so compelling to turn two avowed atheists into Bible-believing Christians? Sebastien Braxton and Dr. Clinton Wahlen share their unique journeys and discoveries in the realm of Bible prophecy.

Can Archaeology Confirm the Bible?

Did the places and people mentioned in the Bible really exist? Veteran Biblical archaeologist Dr. Michael Hasel shares his groundbreaking discoveries including the earliest written sentence in human history and evidences of King David.

Are We Alone in the Universe?

What secrets do the stars hold? Astronomer, NASA-telescope designer and binocular telescope inventor Jim Burr shares stunning images and mind-blowing information regarding the heavens.

Do All Paths Lead to God?

How does Jesus compare with other gods? Puia Fanai and Dr. Subodh Pandit, who grew up surrounded by various faiths, speak about their experiences and research on what makes Christianity different from other religions.

Why Is Community Important?

Is community still needed in our increasingly individualistic society? Former US army special operations team leader Jason Dietz and Lauri Nichols, a teacher who went through a difficult time with her mom's end of life, share the importance of someone having your back.

About the show

Is God even real? If He is, what kind of God is He? And how is that relevant to my life today? Hope@Night is a late-night show that seeks to answer these questions through interviews with real people who have incredible life stories to share, while our live in-studio audience will get a chance to pose their own questions to the guests on air.

Hosted by popular speaker and author Anil Kanda, this series promises to keep you on your toes, warm your heart, and blow your mind.

Anil Kanda

Anil Kanda

Anil Kanda
Faith, People
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