Disclosure: The Future Declassified is an hour-long, interactive television program focusing on Bible prophecy.



Prophetic Prostitution - Episode 13

They call it the world's oldest profession, but it's also one of the oldest themes in the writings of God's prophets.

Modern Day Prophets - Episode 12

Does God ever speak directly to the human race like He did in the Bible?

Creation Prophecy with Timothy Standish - Episode 11

What does human origins have to do with our future?

The Elijah Prophecy- Episode 10

We're going to show you an incredible last-day prophecy found in the life of one of the most famous people in the Bible- and, we're going to have a very unusual guest.

The Church of Laodicea - Episode 9

It is the last letter to the church, and it packs a huge message for today.

The Church of Philadelphia - Episode 8

It may have been the greatest period of Christianity ever revealed.

Human Government From God's Perspective - Episode 7

What does the Bible say about our upcoming elections?

The Sabbath In Prophecy - Episode 6

Many are surprised to hear that one of the main themes in Bible prophecy is usually overlooked.

The Church of Sardis - Episode 5

Was Martin Luther foretold in the Bible?

The Church of Thyatira - Episode 4

Maybe it doesn't help to know all the rights and wrongs of religion...and little more.

The Church of Pergamos - Episode 3

Babylon evokes negative connotations, but it managed to influence Christianity much more than you might think.

The Church of Smyrna - Episode 2

Imagine a time where many people would be willing to die for the gospel. The Bible actually prophesied about it generations before it happened.

About the Show

Disclosure: The Future Declassified is an hour-long, interactive television program focusing on Bible prophecy. Program host Shawn Boonstra answers some of the most intriguing questions about the end of time.

Death, destruction, mayhem, catastrophe – watch Hollywood’s version of the apocalypse, and that’s what you’ll get. But can we know, with any certainty, what to expect from tomorrow? Did ancient prophets see the day we live in, right now? And if they did, what did they see? What exactly is an “apocalypse?”

See how the mysteries of the Bible unfold in Disclosure: The Future Declassified.


Pastor Shawn Boonstra

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