InVerse approaches Bible study with warm humor, practical intelligence, simple application, and authentic conversation.



06 Jacob: The Promising Giver

Consistent giving reveals a trust in God's ability and willingness to reach us even at the lowest point of our lives.

05 Isaac: The Altruistic Giver

Living an others-centered life must impact not only how we give but also how we react to the people around us, regardless of their intent for us.

04 Abraham: The Faithful Giver

True obedience comes from a place of complete trust.

03 Noah: The Grateful Giver

Giving everything even when we know the end is coming and we're going to suffer losses.

02 Cain and Abel: The Conflicting Givers

Discussing how Cain's sacrificial offering was rebellion in disguise.

01 God: The Upholding Giver

Exploring how God uses systems and borders to guard against chaos and give us freedom.

14 The Right to the Tree of Life

The image of God in humanity was affected in multiple ways after the Fall, and these effects have only been compounded through the years.

13 Socrates or Jesus?

Examining how Paul witnessed to the Athenians by creating a bridge between their beliefs regarding death and Christ's teachings on the matter.

12 A Séance at Endor

What drove Saul to consult a medium even after God had forbidden the practice? And was it really Samuel who showed up?

11 All Live to Him

What made the Sadducees' question so absurd, even by their own beliefs?

10 The Spirits of Just Men

Sometimes God allows us to go through difficult things because He needs to "re-tune" our hearts.

09 The Dead Who Stand before God

Addressing yet another biblical text that seems to contradict what we believe about death.

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InVerse approaches Bible study with warm humor, practical intelligence, simple application, and authentic conversation.

Studying a particular topic every 13 weeks (see study guides in the Link section), host Justin Kim and his team discuss, for less than half an hour, what the Bible has to say. These are real-life discussions with profound insights about life principles. Regardless of your background, join this diverse group of friends as they study the Word of God.

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