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Why did Jesus teach using parables? What truth was Jesus sharing through the parables recorded in Mark 4? This lesson endeavors to draw out the principles from the parables of The Sower, The Lamp, The Measuring Basket, and The Seeds.


The ministry of Jesus was controversial for the religious leaders of the time. How was healing controversial? Fasting? How did Jesus view Sabbath observance differently? Why would the religious leaders try to restrict the ministry of Jesus?

A Day in the Ministry of Jesus

Mark jumps right into the active ministry of Jesus. We will explore the lessons Mark has packed into this first chapter.

The Beginning of the Gospel

We begin this quarter's lessons by looking at who John Mark was and the circumstances of his relationship with other disciples. The book of Acts gives us some context.

Lesson 13: The Triumph of God’s Love

How do we prepare ourselves for the time of trouble? What will take place during the 1000 years after Jesus' return? How is the unfailing love of God for everyone revealed at the conclusion of the great controversy?

Lesson 12: Earth’s Closing Events

This lesson will revisit truth vs error as it relates to the Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast. We will also study the empowerment of the Holy Spirit through the Latter Rain.

Lesson 11: The Impending Conflict

What is the key issue in the final conflict? How will this conflict lead to Christ's followers being persecuted in the last days? This study will answer these questions and identify the Beast from the Sea and from the Earth in Revelation 13.

Lesson 10: Spiritualism Exposed

How has the false teaching on the immortality of the soul infiltrated the church, and why is the idea so dangerous? What does the Bible teach about life and death? We will study the rise of spiritualism in the last days, and how to protect ourselves from this deception.

Lesson 9: The Foundation of God’s Government

What is the foundation of God's government? This lesson will discuss God's justice and mercy and the role of the 10 Commandments. Why is keeping the commandments of God an identifying characteristic of the “saints”?

Lesson 8: Light From the Sanctuary

This lesson will look at the message of hope found in the sanctuary service. What does it reveal about the ministry of Jesus as our Great High Priest in the heavenly sanctuary? Can we share hope through the Day of Atonement and judgment?

Lesson 7: Motivated by Hope

Why is the Second Coming of Jesus so important for every Christian? What did Jesus say about his return? What lessons can be learned from William Miller and the Great Disappointment?

Lesson 6: The Two Witnesses

This lesson will identify the characteristics of the Two Witnesses of Revelation, and related prophetic time periods. How are the Two Witnesses "killed" and "resurrected"? What special mission is given to the Two Witnesses today?

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An in-depth, interactive study of the Word of God. Each week, a group of young adults participate in a lively discussion of the Bible lesson.

There are Hope Sabbath School members in more than 130 countries around the world.

Pastor Derek Morris

Pastor Derek Morris

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If you want to see all the study guides, click the button below. Additionally, the outlines are attached to each individual lesson. After clicking the video that you wish to watch, the study guide will be located at the bottom of the page, underneath “Documents”.

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The "Scripture Songs" are attached to each individual lesson. For each episodes, under "Documents" at the bottom of the page, you will find the scripture song and sheet music.

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