BY THE WORD, Part 2 [Episode 6]

God's particular character is discussed through testimony and spiritual song.

Focusing on the 2nd Commandment, Lonnie and Logan discover the distinctive character of God.
Logan recounts the story of Solomon’s mistake in Bible Story Time.
Original Biblical songs such as “This Word”, “The Word of God is Powerful”, “Therefore Be Ye Also Ready”, “Itching Ears”, “Another Beast”, and “In the Beginning” are featured in this episode.
Join Doctor Shcubert Palmer for a special segment of “Is There A Doctor in the House?”
Narrated by Taj Pacleb, Dwayne Lemon, and Lonnie Melashenko.
Are you ready to listen to Sola Scriptura?

Logan Parchamento

Logan Parchamento

Lonnie Melashenko

Lonnie Melashenko