FIRST THINGS FIRST, Part 2 [Episode 4]

Preparing for revival and reformation while discovering sovereignty of God.

Ready for R&R?
Hosts Lonnie Melashenko & Logan Parchamento discuss the preparation for revival & reformation by answering this question.
Along the way, discover the sovereignty of God through original biblical songs such as “Ask, Seek, Knock”, “I Counsel Thee”, “The Exchange”, “Crucified with Christ”, "He’s Able To Keep You From Falling”, and “High Time”.
Featuring Christian artists such as Alessandra Sorace, Javier Gonzalez, Neville Peter, Esther Alonso Neal, Rudy Micelli, and Jennifer LaMountain.
Also featuring special guests Jared Thurmon, Yolanda Palmer, & Laura McKinley.
Learn about the child king Josiah from Logan’s story time.

Logan Parchamento

Logan Parchamento

Lonnie Melashenko

Lonnie Melashenko