Real Family Talk

Through engaging, informative, and spiritual discussions about issues facing todayʼs families, Real Family Talk seeks to strengthen families and inspire hope.

Real Family Talk


Widowhood and Grief

Join Real Family Talk for a heartfelt discussion on grief and loss. Dr. Frank Hassall shares his personal journey of widowhood and the challenges of navigating life after loss. Learn about the importance of lamentation, the ministry of presence, and practical ways to support those grieving. Tune in for insights and inspiration!

Managing Finances in Marriage: What’s in Your Bank Account?

Real Family Talk dives deep into the crucial subject of financial management within marriage. Exploring practical strategies and expert advice, our guest Dennis Carlson guides viewers through the journey of breaking the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, emphasizing the importance of communication, planning, and biblical principles for financial success and contentment.

Social Media’s Impact on Mental Health

Join us on Real Family Talk as we explore the effects of social media on our mental health with Dr. Eric Walsh. Learn about the rise of cyberbullying, addiction, and deception in the digital age. Discover practical strategies for fostering a Christ-centered home amidst today's social media challenges.

Building Relationship Resilience

Today on Real Family Talk, Dr. Heather Thompson Day explores the vital role of relationship resilience. From marriages to friendships, resilience involves communication, trust, and mutual support. Join us for insights on navigating challenges, strengthening bonds, and fostering lasting connections. Tune in for an enriching discussion that inspires hope and strengthens families.

Power of a Praying Mother

Willie and Elaine Oliver talk with Season Cromwell, co-host of Let's Pray, about being a busy parent trying to juggle life and parenting at the same time and shares that she could not do so without prayer and surrender to God.

Your Questions Answered: Blended Families/Political Differences

What can you do to create unity in your family even in the midst of significant differences? Willie and Elaine Oliver will answer this, and other questions from viewers.

About the Show

Through engaging, informative, and spiritual discussions about issues facing todayʼs families, Real Family Talk seeks to strengthen families and inspire hope. In each edition, the Olivers draw from their pastoral, educational, and counseling experience to navigate discussions about family life, approaching each topic with practical solutions and sound biblical principles.

Dr. Willie Oliver

Dr. Willie Oliver

Elaine Oliver

Elaine Oliver

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