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Hosted by Kenia Reyes, Ruben Covarrubias and Tiffany Brown, each episode features a panel of theologians, pastors, and other Bible experts.

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Episode for November 30, 2022

Why does it take so long to get prayers answered? Is tithing recommended, should I tithe on retirement? Who is left on earth after the rapture in 2 Thessalonians?

Episode for November 23, 2022

I believe God gave me a vision, how can I convince others? When did God inform people about hell? Any Jews before Abraham? Only Israelites saved? What does "seek my face" mean in 2 Chron 7:14?

Episode for November 16, 2022

Why didn't God take care of me? Immobile and unable to get baptized-can I be saved?

November 9, 2022

Bible verses for when I want to give up? Do missing verses in NIV make KJV the best version? Celebrating Pentecost? Does the Bible endorse slavery in Exodus? Explain John 14:12-14.

Episode for November 2, 2022

Does Jesus love everyone? Is a marriage certificate necessary? Why was the Sabbath changed to Sunday, and which day should we honor? Can a person be baptized twice?

Episode for October 26, 2022

Holy Spirit or Ghost? Does the Bible address mental health, depression? Has the slaughter in Ezekiel 9 been fulfilled? Why does Daniel 12:2 say "many" who sleep, not "all"? Explain Malachi 1:1-3.

Episode for October 19, 2022

Is God selfish for just creating us to worship Him? Can the Bible help in self-forgiveness, abortion grief? Will you die if you take communion and are not worthy? Speaking in tongues?

Episode for October 12, 2022.

Does 2 Chronicles 7:14 apply today? Why did people tear their clothes in the Bible? What does fire represent? Will our pets be raptured with us to heaven? First mention of tithing?

Episode for October 5, 2022

Sustaining faith amidst illness, sorrow. A sin God cannot forgive? Explain Romans 12:20. Does Paul advocate deacons drinking a little wine in 1 Timothy 3:8?

Episode for September 28, 2022

Interracial marriages? Why God created Tower of Babel confusion, how were people dispersed? How can the redeemed look at corpses in Isaiah 66 if earth is new? Who said they'd build a church?

Episode for September 21, 2022

Plan of salvation? Why did Jesus say "don't tell anyone I am the Christ", none are good? Why does 1 Cor refer to the 12 after Judas had died? Hypocritical of Paul to ask Timothy to be circumcised?

Episode for September 14, 2022

Going to Abraham's bosom when we die? Will God hear a Jew or Christian's prayer? Joseph's coat: colorful or long-sleeved? In Job, how did God meet Satan? Required to pray with raised hands?

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Bible HelpDesk

A weekly Bible question and answer program where viewers can call or send in their questions via text, email, or social media, and two guest panelists provide answers based on the authority of God’s word. Questions range from understanding Bible verses, themes, and concepts, to finding Bible Principles that apply to current real-life situations.

Kenia Reyes

Kenia Reyes

Ruben Covarrubias

Ruben Covarrubias

Tiffany Brown

Tiffany Brown

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