A late night show that seeks to answer questions about God and life through interviews with real people who have incredible life stories to share.

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Will AI Make Humans Obsolete?

Do rapid advances in artificial intelligence threaten human existence and usefulness? Computer science professor Dr. Harvey Alférez and popular author-speaker Ty Gibson discuss what differentiates a human being from AI.

Can Mental Health Be Restored?

Mental health challenges take many forms. Therapist Alisha Mecene opens up about her struggle with infertility, miscarriage and a difficult pregnancy, and former social worker Pastor Vinnie MacIssac share helpful resources anyone can tap into.

Good God, Bad World?

If God is good and all powerful, why is there so much evil in the world? We tackle this question with 'Theodicy of Love' author, professor Dr John Peckham, and Melissa DePaiva Gibson who experienced evil first hand when her family was murdered.

An Eternally Burning Fear?

Is there an eternally burning hell where people will be tormented forever? Religious trauma specialist and author Dr Mark Karris and theologian Dr Felix Cortez discuss the concept of eternal conscious torment and whether it can be found in the Bible.

Is the Paranormal Real?

Does the supernatural world exist? Is it something to embrace or to fear? Former Satanist Jace Addison and author Dr Bradley Booth share from their experience with the occult, and what they have learned about tapping into the greatest Power in the universe.

Can Death Wake You Up?

Can death teach us about life? What really happens when you die? Former dancer-choreographer Dwayne Lemon shares about his wake up call with death, and former hospital chaplain Dr Ivan Omana talks from his research and study on death.

From Goo to Zoo to You?

A biologist and geologist walk into a studio.... and while talking about snakes and rocks, molecular machines and the fossil record, Drs Aaron Corbit and Monte Fleming examine scientific evidence for intelligent design and a worldwide flood.

Does Chemistry Unlock the Secret to Life's Origins?

Did humans evolve from a primordial soup of chemicals billions of years ago? Chemist Ryan Hayes and biochemist James Carter make a scientific case for an alternative theory.

What is True?

With the help of a 12-foot replica of Noah's ark, lawyer and professor Dr Major Coleman, along with former students Mark and Alyse Renteria, compare the foundational assumptions of both evolution and creation, and see where the evidence leads.

About the show

Is God even real? If He is, what kind of God is He? And how is that relevant to my life today? Hope@Night is a late-night show that seeks to answer these questions through interviews with real people who have incredible life stories to share, while our live in-studio audience will get a chance to pose their own questions to the guests on air.

Hosted by popular speaker and author Anil Kanda, this series promises to keep you on your toes, warm your heart, and blow your mind.

Anil Kanda

Anil Kanda

Anil Kanda
Faith, People
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