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Episode for February 4, 2024

"Did God create us just to show Satan's true nature? Forgive but not forget? Does God put people to rest because they cannot handle tribulations at the end of time? Can God the Father look upon sin?"

Episode for January 28, 2024

Should we pray for the dead? Are only specific denominations saved? How did disciples write woman at the well story if not there? Which day is Sabbath? Will earthly spouses share heavenly home?

Episode for January 21, 2024

Why churches give year-end tax statement. Suicide victims bound for hell? Why is John the Baptist the greatest prophet but the least in the kingdom are greater? Holy Spirit a separate person?

Episode for December 13, 2023

Were Isaac, John the Baptist conceived by the Holy Spirit? Explain John 1:14. Do angels have wings? Is the kingdom of heaven taken by force-Matt 11:12? Body of flesh in heaven?

Episode for January 14, 2024

"Why do bad things happen to good people? Difference between soul and spirit? Does God reveal things slowly? If hell is fire, how are wicked cast into darkness? Does God speak through angels?"

Episode for January 7, 2024

Ok to play the lottery without being addicted? Will God accept my tithe despite me working on Sabbath? Did Jesus turn water into wine or grape juice? Can you die with sins and go to heaven?

Episode for December 27, 2023

Are you obligated to stay married to a drug addict? When is the end of probation? Who are the three archangels? Explain Revelation 8:1. Many are called but few are chosen-who are the chosen?

Episode for December 20, 2023

Is God offended by Christmas given its pagan roots? Was Mary to name her Son Jesus or Yeshua? Rebaptism if I used to believe in salvation by works? If John the Baptist wasn't baptized is baptism needed?

Episode for December 6, 2023

Can an all-knowing God change His mind? Will cremation interfere with resurrection? Why did God judge some sins but not others eg polygamy? Why do some not believe in a pre-tribulation rapture?

Episode for November 29, 2023

"Can a Christian marry a divorced Catholic? How do I see God's answers to my questions? Explain Jeremiah 29:11. Who replaced Lucifer as the Morning Star? What and when is the tribulation hour?"

Episode for November 22, 2023

What does God's Word say about remarriage? Does Isaiah 43:10 mean there are more gods? Was God too quick to punish Uzzah? How can David be a man after God's heart despite bad actions?

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Bible HelpDesk

Does the Bible have any practical wisdom for my life? What does that Bible verse really mean??

Our Bible experts answer your Bible questions live!

Call in or send us your questions and we'll get you answers you can trust.

Hosted by Ruben Covarrubias, Crystal Louis, Candita Hinds, Enkose Plummer and Rebecca Fanai, each episode features a rotating panel of theologians, pastors, and other Bible experts.

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Kenia Reyes

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Ruben Covarrubias

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Tiffany Brown

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