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Episode for November 22, 2023

What does God's Word say about remarriage? Does Isaiah 43:10 mean there are more gods? Was God too quick to punish Uzzah? How can David be a man after God's heart despite bad actions?

Episode for November 15, 2023

SPECIAL: Reviewing highlights from the past 200 episodes

Episode for November 1, 2023

Is God ok with euthanasia? Did Jesus only use His humanity on earth? Original language of New Testament? Meaning of John 20:9-'they did not know the Scripture, that He rise from the dead'?

Episode for November 8, 2023

If God's gift is eternal life, does He send anyone to hell? Is the angel of the Lord Gabriel? Did Eve bear children in Eden with pain? Is Psalm 83 a prophecy? Explain Psalm 23.

Episode for October 25, 2023

Will Job's family be in heaven? Evil snakes vs healing snakes? Why did Jesus say it would be terrible for pregnant/nursing women in those days"? Explain Numbers 30:1-16.

Episode for October 18, 2023

How to remove guilt? Explain outward adorning in 1 Peter 3:3. Are our forefathers' sins put on us? If "Absent from the body is present with the Lord" why is David still sleeping in the grave?

Episode for October 11, 2023

Will God save the mentally challenged? Where do the unsaved go during the 1000 years with Satan on Earth? How did Moses see God if He is invisible? Explain Matthew 12:31-32. Are miracles and healings different?

Episode for October 4, 2023

How can I be saved while in prison? For what purpose are we here? Will we all have a crown in heaven? Does Jesus return like a thief in the night or riding on the clouds?

Episode for September 27, 2023

Is God building heaven now or is it already there? Is Jehovah the only true name of God? Does the Bible support a weekly Sabbath or a lunar Sabbath? What is the meaning of Romans 10:8-13?

Episode for September 20, 2023

Building relationships with other believers? Trust God, take medicine despite side effects? How can you lose salvation? Where are we between death, resurrection? Origin of water before creation?

Episode for September 13, 2023

How can we love those who are hard to love? At the judgment, do I have to tell God who I am, what I believe? What is the context of Romans 14:1? Is the doctrine of election biblical?

Episode for September 6, 2023

Did Jesus fall in love? Explain "honor thy mother and father". When did Satan tempt Jesus with Psalm 91? Did God create the earth in 6 or 6000 days? Did God curse Pharaoh for Abraham's lie?

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