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Does the Bible have any practical wisdom for my life? What does that Bible verse really mean??

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Hosted by Kenia Reyes, Ruben Covarrubias and Tiffany Brown, each episode features a panel of theologians, pastors, and other Bible experts.

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Episode for May 3, 2023

Why are children killed if God is with them? Abraham, Issac & Jacob didn't know God as Lord? Israelites in Egypt for 430 or 400 years? Noah slept naked but awoke mad? Balaam knew God?

Episode for April 26, 2023

Should the church know if a leader committed adultery but repented? Why does God take years to prepare heaven but only 6 days for earth? Does Jesus still have scars? Sacrifice of fools? Parable of the talents-2 versions?

Episode for April 19, 2023

How God speaks back to you. Transferring an anointing? Did Mark 7:18-19 abolish Leviticus 11? What is the best age/method for baptism? Did Jesus’ death, resurrection do away with the law of Moses?

Episode for April 12, 2023

Overcoming sorrow in tragedy. What does John 15:13 mean? Is it tithe if I give 10% of my income to help build a church? Should I tithe the income of my business? Explain the lost coin in Luke 15.8

Episode for April 5, 2023

Jesus "gave up the ghost"? Differences in accounts of thieves on the cross? The role of those who killed Jesus in the plan of salvation. Did Jesus know He would be resurrected?

Episode for March 29, 2023

Does God hear my prayer for healing? Death before baptism-how will God judge? Were Adam, Eve gods in Eden? If our body returns to dust, what is sleeping? How can God send a plague if diseases are from Satan?

Episode for March 22, 2023

Moving away from condemnation, shame? Pressing on when my faith dies? Fruit of the spirit? Explain Romans 14 where one man esteems one day over another. Is Jesus Melchizedek (Heb 5)?

Episode for March 15, 2023

Lost a loved one despite having faith? Will not confessing an unknown sin keep me from heaven? Who's the 'she' in Prov 3:15-17? Did Job sin by cursing the day he was born? Did God create Earth to end sin?

Episode for March 8, 2023

Help, my faith is at its lowest. Will the Holy Spirit return if we grieve Him away? How did Saul become Paul? How will God reveal secrets of our hearts? Explain absent from the body, present with the Lord.

Episode for March 1, 2023

Why did God place the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden? Live in the world but not of the world? What is supplication? Blessings and cursings from God?

Episode for February 22, 2023

Are all past and future sin forgiven when I'm born again? Can you be saved without knowing the truth? Why did Adam and Eve not die instantly? What is righteousness by faith?

Episode for February 15, 2023

Can the mentally ill hear God, be healed? Did Jesus' sacrifice cleanse us from our medical history? Best way to read entire Bible? Does Isaiah 49:24,25 mean our children are saved?

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Bible HelpDesk

"A weekly Bible question and answer program where viewers can call or send in their questions via test, email, or social media, and two guest panelists provide answers based on the authority of God’s word. Questions range from understanding Bible verses, themes, and concepts, to finding Bible Principles that apply to current real-life situations. The discussion is moderated by two hosts from a larger pool that includes Kenia Reyes, Ruben Covarrubias, and Tiffany Brown.'

Kenia Reyes

Kenia Reyes

Ruben Covarrubias

Ruben Covarrubias

Tiffany Brown

Tiffany Brown

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Crystal Louis

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