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Hosted by Ruben Covarrubias, Crystal Louis, Candita Hinds, Enkose Plummer and Rebecca Fanai, each episode features a rotating panel of theologians, pastors, and other Bible experts.

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Episode for September 6, 2023

Did Jesus fall in love? Explain "honor thy mother and father". When did Satan tempt Jesus with Psalm 91? Did God create the earth in 6 or 6000 days? Did God curse Pharaoh for Abraham's lie?

Episode for August 30, 2023

Mad at God for letting someone die? Do the dead communicate using butterflies, birds? Only ask God to forgive me or offended party too? Women can't speak in church (1 Corinthians 14:34-35)?

Episode for August 23, 2023

Does OMG violate 3rd commandment? Pay tithe on rental income from family? Origin of baptism by sprinkling? Did Satan deceive Adam? Good or bad angels stop winds from blowing (Revelation 7:1)?

Episode for August 16, 2023

Do dead people become angels? How are babies born in sin if they haven't learned to sin yet? Is there good and bad pride? Can I communicate with my deceased father as a comfort after loss?

Episode for August 9, 2023

Must we forgive if not asked? Why does Satan knowingly fulfill Bible prophecy? Is Calvinism true? Is the one true God the Trinity or Father only? Where will God be when Jesus returns?

Episode for August 2, 2023

Different degrees of sin? Why did Paul talk so much about not having to be circumcised? Can only Levi priests collect tithes? Who is the "every eye" who will see Jesus' return?

Episode for July 19, 2023

Does God hate me? Where was Jesus between ages 12-30? What did God mean when He said Jesus is chosen? Do women not bear God's image because God created 'man' in His image?

Episode for July 12, 2023

Will the world end in nuclear war and how will the righteous escape? Is God lenient towards the mentally challenged? How did different races arise? What does it mean to pray with the spirit?

Episode for July 5, 2023

Was Lucifer a Seraphim? Fallen angels still alive after 1000s of years? What does under the earth mean in Phil 2:10? Exodus 20 vs 34-different commandments? Sabbath in a place with no sunset?

Episode for June 28, 2023

Struggling to keep faith? Is armageddon literal or spiritual? When did God first ask people to pay tithe? What are the last two witnesses mentioned in Revelation?

Episode for June 21, 2023

Why did God let Satan access humans in Eden? Is the Holy Spirit a person? Does Jesus go to and fro from earth? Why do Jehovah Witnesses emphasize 'Jehovah', use the New World Translation?

Episode for June 14, 2023

Lost salvation? Holy Spirit vs Ghost? 2 stories of Jesus being anointed with perfume, feet washed with tears? Tribulation period? Are we in heaven for 7 years before returning to earth?

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Bible HelpDesk

A weekly Q&A program where viewers send in questions, and guest panelists provide Bible-based answers. Questions range from understanding Bible verses to applying Bible principles to real-life situations.

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