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Episode for May 19, 2024

Idolatry to wear a cross? Cleansing of the sanctuary? Did NT Christians observe Day of Atonement? Is Jesus our Judge? How to interpret Daniel 12 time prophecies? Abomination of desolation (Matt 24, Dan 12)?

Episode for May 12, 2024

Is Christ white? Single parent and going to church? Saved if I don't go to church but watch religious TV? Isaiah says God created evil but He didn't create Satan? Jeremiah's prophecy about Iran?

Episode for May 5, 2024

"What does Deut 6:4 mean, The Lord is One? Does the Bible say the effeminate will not be saved? Explain Leviticus 27:31? Was it the Levitical laws that were nailed to the cross?"

Episode for April 28, 2024

Will God forgive me for leaving Him? A prophecy about me came true! When is Passover? What did Jesus do between crucifixion and resurrection? Are sins erased at the moment of confession?

Episode for April 21, 2024

I know the Sabbath but don't keep it, am I saved? Is Saturday the same 7th day since creation? Where are the resurrected during the 1000 years? Who surrounds the heavenly city? Are kids punished for parents sins?

Episode for April 14, 2024

"Is listening to certain music a sin? Were all apostles martyrs? My wife died, am I still married? Will the Spirit leave us before Jesus comes? At judgment do I answer for sins I've already confessed? "

Episode for April 7, 2024

Who was Barrabbas? Jesus prayed to His Father, are there 2 Gods? Why are times different in NIV and KJV? Should I be baptized if the thief on the cross wasn't? Do we 'sleep' til the 2nd Coming?

Episode for March 31, 2024

I feel guilty, am I forgiven? Is leading others to Christ a must for salvation? Will Solomon be in heaven? Did Adam and Eve understand the consequences of sin? Am I saved if others don't forgive me?

Episode for March 24, 2024

When did the Jews stop animal sacrifice? Is resurrection in the morning? Does the spirit go back to God at death? Are the angels who stop the winds (Rev 7:1) good or bad? Is there a pre-tribulation?

Episode for March 17, 2024

Is prayer just positive thinking? Is Jesus still omnipresent? Will we have wings in heaven? Have the signs of Jesus' coming happened already? Does the Bible say women can't braid their hair?

Episode for March 10, 2024

Does God consider you married if you go to the court house? Do those in hell exist in eternal torment? Does Jesus still have human form? Who are the 24 elders? What does speaking in tongues mean?

Episode for March 3, 2024

Are dinosaurs in the Bible? Does being idle lead to temptation? Did I receive the Holy Spirit at baptism? Why a final judgment if I'm forgiven? Are the stories of the possessed man Jesus healed different?

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Ruben Covarrubias

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