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Wake Up with Hope, October 4, 2023

we will be blessed with music by The Collingsworth Family, and John Bradshaw will have a devotional thought for us, plus, we will have a special segment from Masterstroke presented by Neale Schofield and much more… Make sure to join us!

What is True?


What is True?

With the help of a 12-foot replica of Noah's ark, lawyer and professor Dr Major Coleman, along with former students Mark and Alyse Renteria, compare the foundational assumptions of both evolution and creation, and see where the evidence leads.

01 Expectant Hope

Exploring how and why the Seventh-day Adventist Church began and why it’s important for us to know that history.

Lesson 1: God’s Mission to Us: Part 1

When sin ruined God's original plan for humanity, He set out on a mission to save us. In the first of a two-part lesson, we look at how God planned to accomplish His mission of redemption.